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 Rome,  April 25th, 2018


Annual Meeting of the General Coordination Council of the Union

Rome, April 21st ˗ 25th, 2018.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
       We, the members of the General Coordination Council of the Union of Catholic
Apostolate, meeting at the Casa La Salle, Fratelli delle Scuole Cristiane, Rome, from April
21st to 25th, 2018, send you our warm greetings in the spirit of Saint Vincent Pallotti.
We are happy to share this message with you, a fruit of communion and coresponsibility
in the Pallottine charism.
   Our meeting began on the very significant date of April 21st, the birthday of our Founder who accompanied us during the meeting. The Holy Spirit gathered this Council in service of the Union, and we recognize that, before all else, the Union is a gift received from God; the task of each one of us today is to live this gift with responsibility and commitment, by reaching out to and serving the people of God.
    Pope Francis invites all of us to get our hands dirty in serving others.
We wish to remain close and attentive to people, walking with them in their lived social,
family, personal and faith experience. We want to touch their hearts in order to help
them to fully perceive and live out their call, the place prepared for them by God in the
Church and the world.
In order to accomplish all of this, it is necessary to live with the same passion which Jesus
had, as did Saint Vincent Pallotti in his time with the first companions of our Union and
with those from every existential periphery.
We are all invited, in communion, to renew our sense of belonging to the Union every day.
This will lead us to grow in collaboration and unity in order to give credible and effective
witness in our life and mission.
On April 23rd, the birthday of Elisabetta Sanna, the first lay member of the Union to be
beatified, the General Coordination Council re-elected Ms. Donatella Acerbi President of
the Union and elected Fr. Gilberto Orsolin Vice President. We assure them of our
closeness, our collaboration and our prayers.
   The succeeding days saw the renewing of the International Commissions which are
tasked with helping all members and collaborators of the Union in their particular
   This week dedicated to the Good Shepherd made clear to us once more the need to
invest in interpersonal relationships, taking on His very gaze and care, especially towards
the least and most needy of all.
During this meeting, the enduring timeliness and spiritual richness of our Founder once
again came to light, which are reflected in the Apostolic Exhortation “Gaudete et
Exsultate” on the universal call to holiness.
Our Pallottine charism, today, is in fact seen to be a model in the Church and opens new
horizons, in particular between charismatic families (cf. Pope Francis, Letter to All
Consecrated People, III, November 1st, 2014).
In this way, we are invited to live the charism as a gift for the Church, being in the Union
and for the Union. This is our path to being disciples of Jesus Christ in the Church and the
   We would like to conclude our message with the words of Pope Francis, quoted in the
homily of Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, SAC, Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Union, during the
opening Mass:
    “Being poor of heart: that is holiness [70].
     Reacting with meekness and humility: that is holiness [74]. 
     Knowing how to mourn with others: that is holiness [76]. 
     Hungering and thirsting for righteousness: that is holiness [79]. 
     Seeing and acting with mercy: that is holiness [82]. 
     Keeping a heart free of all that tarnishes love: that is holiness [86]. 
     Sowing peace all around us: that is holiness [86]. 
     Accepting daily the path of the Gospel, even though it may cause us problems: that is
     holiness [94]”.

(Gaudete et Exsultate, In the light of the Master).

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