Friday, December 1, 2017

Apostles for Today - Nov. 2017

Apostles For Today
Prayer & Reflection
November 2017

Is our life is truly inspired by God? 
How many things do I put before God every day?
(Pope Francis)

On February 10th next, we will celebrate four years of the Pallottine mission in the province of Vilcashuamán, Ayacucho, Perù.
The arrival of the Pallottine missionaries took place in a situation of the abbandonment of places of worship and also of the life of faith of many of the faithful who were not able to count on the presence of priests for the celebration of the sacraments and on the pastoral care necessary in order to live and strengthen their faith.
The missionaries spared no effort and began the work of reviving and rekindling charity. At the beginning there were only three communities to serve, because of the distance between them. In a short time, the Pallottines were already serving the entire province, which is almost four hundred kilometers long, containing eight districts with their villages.
The challenges are enormous, but progress can already be seen and celebrated. Mastery of the language, particularly the native language of the people of that region, Quechua, was initially a great difficulty, but with the grace of God and the help of the people it was overcome. Now the language is no longer a problem. Celebrations and pastoral visits take place in many villages which haven’t had the presence of a priest for a long time. Many sacraments and patronal feasts were celebrated in all of the villages.
The parish, which did not seem to have any life, has received a new vitality in the faith and in the religious expression of the people. Today it has a new face, with the presence of young people, children and families at Mass. A demanding work, but one which produces good fruit, is our presence in the schools, with Masses and talks for the preparation of sacraments, as well as formation in human and religious values.
The Sisters of the Cenacle Pallottine Sisters have given a new expression to this mission with their charism. They support all of the pastoral activities of the parish. Another very important presence is that of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Immaculate: they are Mexican sisters who carry out missionary activities in another part of the of our parish, especially in catechetical  and faith animation in many villages.
God has blessed the Pallottine mission in these parts of Peru with a candidate who has already begun his Pallottine formation in the Pallottine postulancy in Brazil. The mission is developing and growing. The Pallottine missionaries are conscious that much has already been done, but that much also remains to be done. In this way, the hearts of the missionaries are filled with a feeling of gratitude along with all of those who pray for and support this mission.
Through the intercession of our founder, Saint Vincent Pallotti, may God bless all of us.

                                           Fr. Manoel Santana Vieira SAC,

Note: The above text which we received a short time ago is very similar to an article in the SAC AsiaOceania E-BULLETIN #227 - apologies to those who may feel a sense of deja-vu.

Questions for personal and communal reflection:
1.    How strong is our sense of co-responsibility for and practical commitment to supporting overseas mission projects?
2.    How are we involved in supporting such projects materially and/or through prayer? Is there something further that we are being called to do?
3.    How can we live and promote a deeper sense of missionary co-responsibility in our Pallottine family and in the wider Church?

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